10 Things We All Hate About Trade Show Booths

November 7, 2014 by admin

10 Things We All Hate About Trade Show Booths

Trade shows are a fun opportunity to accomplish many goals. You can learn about new products, interact with people from other states and even other parts of the world and even sometimes get free stuff. At the same time, trade shows can also be really annoying in certain ways. Here’s a list of some of the worst things about a lot of trade show booths.

Background Colors Too Bright

I know they’re trying to attract attention but no one really needs to pair bright purple AND bright orange AND bright yellow in the same space. Capture my attention but avoid the Day-Glo crayons if you really want my approval.

Boring Booths

At the same time, if you want a lot of great attention go for something fun, new and different. Don’t settle for the same old booth with the same old design I’ve seen a million times before. Surprise me. Make me think. Show me who you are.

Booths That are Too Tall / Too Short

Have booths with shelves and other items that I can actually see. Nothing is less fun than walking into a booth and trying to get something to look at only to have it just out of reach or so low to the ground that I have to squat to look at it.

Confusing Displays

Another really frustrating thing are trade show booths that just don’t make sense. Tell me about your product. Present the information in an exciting but easy to understand format. Don’t make me wonder what you’re trying to say.

Free Samples That Aren’t

Sometimes trade show workers will imply that they’re handing out free samples. That’s nice. Unfortunately you will find the “free” sample is only free if you listen to their speech or buy other products as well. That’s not so nice.

Long Lines

It’s great when a booth is popular. It’s not very great when it’s so popular you can’t even get inside. If you think you’re going to be very popular at the trade show, try and make sure you have enough space for all visitors to visit. Create booths that don’t require people to nearly get crushed or wait over an hour.

Loud Music

Music is fabulous. Music is terrific. Music is one of life’s most important pleasures. But music needs to be appropriate to the venue. Don’t go so loud it is impossible to hear anything else within five feet.

Indifferent Salespeople

Hire people who care about what they’re doing. If you don’t have any interest in your product or your idea, why should someone else? A salesperson should also know everything there is to know about the items or ideas being shown at the trade show booth.

Pushy Salespeople

At the same time, don’t hire people who believe anyone who glances their way is completely and utterly interested in anything related to the booth. Just browsing means means just browsing. Let people have some personal space when absorbing important information.

When Products Aren’t Presented Well

Don’t put any items you have for sale in plain displays. Add a little pizzazz and bring out the bells and whistles if you can. Make walking into your booth a lot of fun. Give the person who comes by a new and exciting thing presented in the most interesting way possible.

In short, bring your A game. You’re showing who you are to a lot of people. Make us feel important and respected just for showing up.

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