15 Secretly Funny People Working in Trade Show Exhibits

November 25, 2014 by admin

15 Secretly Funny People Working in Trade Show Exhibits

You planned for this event last year. You spent money on advertising for this trade show. You ordered the huge marquee with the flashing lights surrounding your product. You traveled to this event only to find that booth A32 is in a dank, dark corner. At the end of the day, you realize that you didn’t make a profit. In fact, you lost money.

Making contacts and sales is crucial to business. But how do you get the would-be clients over to your booth to buy your wares? Have you ever considered hiring a comic?

Here are fifteen hilarious comedians that may fit the bill.

1. Michael Pasternak as Colombo. Remember the detective on television who would wear this huge overcoat and stupid expression on his face? Mr. Pasternak will help people relive those moments with advertising of your trade show event through Webisodes. Then he will come to the show unannounced and have fun with potential customers while driving them steadily to your booth!

2. Jeff Dunham Comic Ventriloquist This amazing talent will bring traffic to a dentist! Jeff Dunham along with his puppets is able to inject fun into any situation.

3. Frank King This clean comedian specializes in corporate humor. He will help drive traffic to those sometimes boring trade shows that deal with high and mighty business people.

4. Kier-Hmm…a comic with looks as yummy as his name implies! Kier is a handsome gent with a winning smile who does comedy impressions with music. He can sing to me anytime!

5. If magic is your thing, then hire Becky Blaney. She mixes southern hospitality along with some magic to tickle your funny bone!

6. You like comedians? You like cowboys? How do you feel about cowboy comedians? Dennis Gaines will bring all the western hokum to your next trade show event with wisecracking poetry.

7. Bo Gerard will dazzle your future clients by being a master of disguises, comedy and magic! Book him and traffic will magically appear at your booth.

8. A man who can move his face around like a cartoon character would be a blast at a comic book convention. Jack Towle is a comic impressionist of talent who will send people your way.

9. Everyone dreams of having a sure thing to drive traffic to their booth. What if you hired a comic hypnotist? Brian Powers will be your man to hypnotize your clients to buy, buy and buy!

10. Randy Cabral will be sure to brighten up your day with his comedic juggling act. He has energy to burn while telling jokes to the crowd.

11. Hey it’s David Copperfield! Well, maybe not Dave Copperfield but would Al the Only Amusionist do? He’s a real crowd-pleaser with his amusing illusions and jests.

12. Doug Anderson is a comedic trade show magician. He will wow the crowd with his magical powers of suggestion about your products and services.

13. Russ Stolnack is what is known as an executive imposter who will amuse your clients to your booth.

14. Want a celebrity impressionist to draw people to your table? Then hire Paul Boland to your next event. With more than 200 voices under his belt, he’ll be sure to send traffic your way.

15. Calling all housewares traders! Ask for Brendene for your next event. She will mingle with the crowd in her cleaning lady costume A.K.A. Carol Burnett mixed with Rosanne Barr. Laughter will follow!

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