16 Must-Follow FaceBook Pages for Trade Show Exhibitors and Marketers

November 3, 2014 by admin

16 Must-Follow FaceBook Pages for Trade Show Exhibitors and Marketers

You can find everything for your next trade show experience online on a FaceBook page. If you have a business and need to showcase your products, make connections and find distribution you can get notices on events in exotic locations or close to home. Or you can get the 411 on how to put on your own trade shows to bring opportunities for local companies to your area. For all of the information you need on fabulous trade show events and companies here are 16 must-follow pages focusing on various aspects for exhibitors and marketers.

Trade Show Marketing

This is a great site to find tips and hints for making the most out of your trade show experience.

Bahama Trade Shows

We all need a vacation now and then. Why not make going to trade shows a way to mix business with pleasure? This site features trade shows in the sunny and luxurious Bahamas. So, pack the bikini and get ready to hit the beach in between business networking at the shows.

Internet Trade Shows

Want to make business connections without ever leaving the house? That’s my style. For internet entrepreneurs, this FaceBook page that showcases Internet Trade Shows is a great page to bookmark.

Dazzle Me Trade Shows

If hosting trade shows is your forte, sites like Dazzle Me Trade Shows are helpful contacts to have. This is one of the pages hosted by companies that can help you put together your next great event.

ASDT Trade Shows

ASDT is an actual trade show for anyone with products or services to promote. It hosts its event in the exciting city of Las Vegas, Nevada. Keep up with all of the information to prepare to visit this high-powered show.

Women’s Trade Shows

Okay, us girls have to stick together and this blog is a great place to start. Focusing on trade shows that feature feminine products and companies owned by women, it gives the ladies an edge on business connections.

Silver Spur Trade Shows

Silver Spur Trade Shows is another company that can help you host your own show. They have a lot of experience to put into making your trade show fabulous.

Parker Trade Shows

Parker Trade Shows is great for anyone with jewelry and accessories to sell. They host four events per year in Texas.

Star Trade Shows

Star Trade Shows is an all around event planner. A large scale trade show promoter can help you in so many ways. They do all the hard work, so all you have to do is enjoy the spectacle.

O’Loughlin Trade Shows

This is another great trade show promotion company that can put together an event for your company. They even have an app for that! Download their app to keep up with their events and plan trips to various events.

TradeKey Trade Shows

You have to friend this page to find the information on various worldwide trade shows all over the world. It’s worth it if you like to travel and want to visit exotic locations while showing off your business.

Trade Shows, Events and Markets in Alberta

Okay, here you go. This is another great site to find trade shows and take a vacation at the same time. Visit one of the many Alberta, Canada trade shows to showcase your business and take in the amazing culture and beauty of Canada. It may share a border with us, but Canada is a whole different world.

Midwest Apparel Trade Shows

If you live in the Midwest like I do, and want to find trade shows for clothing and apparel distribution that are close to home, check out the Midwest Apparel Trade Shows.

Trade Shows Alerts and News

The name says it all. This is a page set up to get you up-to-the-minute information on the latest news on the trade show industry.

Asia Trade Shows

It’s hard to argue that Asia has the stranglehold on tech and manufacturing. If you want to travel, get the latest info on trade shows in this power location right here on their FaceBook page.

Trade Show Emporium

Get your stuff together and have a great presentation for your next trade show by visiting pages like the Trade Show Emporium on FaceBook where you can find information on the shows they attend as well as get banners and signage for your booths.

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