5 Best Mobile Apps for Trade Show Exhibits

November 14, 2014 by admin

5 Best Mobile Apps for Trade Show Exhibits

Trade shows can be pretty chaotic events for the exhibitors and attendees alike. With the emergence of mobile applications, trade show exhibits have become more simplified and streamlined. There are many apps available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry devices that help with a variety of trade show exhibit functions. The following lists the five best mobile apps for trade show exhibits.

One: Conference Compass

Established in 2009, Dutch Company Conference Compass, creates apps for a variety of platforms and conferences. When the European Society for Cardiology hosted an event, an impressive 12,000 interested individuals downloaded this app which provides push notifications for announcements, conference maps, slideshows, keynote speaker information and other customizable functions.

Two: EventPilot

Developed by ATIV Software, the company recently-released its 6th version of the EventPilot software. This application is a critical organization tool for those who are in the medical and scientific communities who are managing multiple parallel sessions. The software allows for the use of filters and sub-sessions to create and manage your personalized schedule. The best feature is the integrated color coding for different events. This app is available on all major platforms including Amazon Kindle Fire.

Three: Inside Guidance / ART Basel

Of all the mobile event apps, this is my favorite. Created by Berlin-based Company InsideGuidance, this app offers the most artistic use of a floor plan I have ever seen. Built specifically for watch and jewelry show, Baselworld, this app delivers an extensive 3D layout of the exhibition floor with information, videos and pictures of each station. This app has expanded to other shows with the most recent being World Newspaper Week in Vienna, Austria. The app can be downloaded from the app store or online for the iPhone and iPad.

Four: QuickTapLead

This app works exactly as described, exhibitors can quickly tap your phone for follow-up information. It allows them to capture leads easily through the use of a mobile tablet or supported device. The best aspect of this app is you can set it up within a few minutes, does not require an internet connection and can send all lead information to Salesforce. Additionally, QuickTapLead is a pay as you go service so no monthly charges are required. This is perfect for the exhibitor who only attends a few trade shows per year.

Five: Widjet / dmexco

Based out of Cologne, Germany, the dmexco app excels at personalization. For those who like to customize every single detail to your liking, do not miss this app! The company boasts an extensive event program and the app allows you to develop your own schedule. The coolest new feature is the QR code generator and associated scanner which allows you to gather virtual business cards. Of course the QR code can be generator or customized to your liking.

Event apps have changed the trade show game by improving our experiences when aimlessly wandering through the extensive maze of the exhibition show floor. These apps can help you create a meeting schedule for potential leads, learn more about the different exhibits on the floor, collect potential lead information and even provide a 3D overview of the entire location. These types of apps have been long overdue and the information provided in the apps is improving on a daily basis.

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