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How to Sell Your Trade Show Exhibits to a Skeptical Prospect

If you’re concerned about how to sell to a skeptical prospect, it is possible, but it’s not always easy. You must consider some selling tips to help you sell to these types of prospects. Here are some of our suggestions that may help you if you’re in one of these difficult selling situations.

Identify Needs

When you identify the needs of your customers, you know what problem you can solve for your customer. When you speak of the advantages of your product that will solve a particular need, you’ll be in a better position to sell your product to a skeptical client. Your pitch will be tailored to your customer’s needs, and you’ll have the leverage you need to sell the product.

Identify Objections

When you identify objections early in the process, you’ll know how you need to tailor your pitch to convince your skeptical prospect that your trade show exhibits are superior to the competition. Not all people recognize how good a product is until they know how it can benefit their lives. Show them why their objections are not really objections at all. They may not fully understand the benefits, which will eliminate the objections. Whether the objections are price, fit, or timing, you should have an answer to each objection once they are identified.


Listen to your prospects. If you just pitch to your prospect without listening, they will be less likely to buy your trade show exhibits. What are their concerns? How can your product address their concerns? You should always listen to you customers to ensure that you can do whatever it takes to provide them with a quality product that will meet all of their needs. Listening is an important skill to have when selling trade show exhibits.

Find Out Who Your Competitor Is

Always find out whom your customer considers your competitor and what they like and dislike about the product. Indicate how your product can meet some of the preferences that they like and how it’s not like the preferences they don’t like. Is your product superior to the competitor’s product? How can you prove that you stand out above and beyond your competitor? With these questions answered, you’ll be better poised to handle your customers.

Adhere to Providing the Best Customer Service

Always provide the best customer service. When you’re busy making the sell, your prospects are also evaluating how you treat them as customers. When you treat them well and your trade show exhibit is equal to the competitor’s, they are more likely to choose you over the competitor because you gave them good customer service. Many salespeople think good customer service is under-rated, but it’s simply not true.

How to Sell Your Trade Show Exhibits to a Skeptical Prospect

When you keep these tips in mind, you’re more likely to sell your trade show exhibits to a skeptical prospect. While it’s not always a “slam dunk,” it will put you one step closer to selling your product or service. Try incorporating some of these tips to improve your chances of selling to a skeptical prospect. You’ll be surprised at the outcome.

The Biggest Problem With Trade Shows, And How You Can Fix It

If you are like many other business professionals, you head out to trade shows for one main purpose. You want to meet and greet new customers and forge new relationships. While your main goal may be to collect business cards or contact information from prospective clients, you ultimately want to boost profits from the time, effort and money you spend hosting a booth.

When you have a great booth design and a friendly presence at the show, you generally can expect at least a decent return on your investment. Nonetheless, some people absolutely dread hosting a booth at a trade show for one reason. That reason is that setting up and tearing down booths can be a major hassle.

The Burden of Hauling Heavy Equipment and Gear

Some professionals will host a tiny booth simply because they lack the desire or financial resources to set up a huge booth. Of course, small booths may easily be passed over by attendees, so this can work against you.

With a large booth, however, you typically need to fill the space with large gear and heavy equipment. You may need strong, sturdy braces and frames to hold your lights, displays and posters or banners. Many trade shows and exhibits are held in large convention centers in urban areas, and loading and unloading the equipment in a busy area with limited parking can be a drag. In some cases, you may be forced to haul your gear several city blocks or more before you reach the trade show site.

The Time and Effort to Set Up and Tear Down a Booth

Of course, once you get all your gear to your booth site, the real work begins. Your gear likely will be packed up in storage containers, bins and boxes. You will need to unload it, assemble it and make it look attractive.

This all needs to be accomplished in record-breaking time before the attendees begin to arrive. Setting up a booth can be stressful and exhausting, but so can tearing it down. After all, you often have a short period of time to break down your booth and pack your gear up.

This must be accomplished just after you spent long hours or days hosting your booth. You may already be exhausted, but the work continues.

Simplifying Your Efforts

There are clear and obvious reasons why trade shows can be beneficial to your company, but there are just as many reasons why many people simply dread having to attend them and host a booth. If you can relate to these common complaints about hosting a booth at trade shows, the problem may actually lie with your gear. Booth design is a prime concern when you host a booth. After all, you want your booth to get noticed by passersby.

Otherwise, there simply is no reason for you to waste your time standing at the booth at all. However, you do not need to have the heaviest gear or even the largest gear in order to get recognized. The fact is that simplifying your efforts and finding enjoyment in hosting a booth may be as easy as upgrading your equipment.

For example, rather than use heavy-duty steel frames, you may be able to find a more affordable and equally as durable material that is lightweight and that meets your needs.

You may not want to sacrifice the benefits associated with hosting a trade show booth, but that does not mean you have to make the process more exhausting than it needs to be. You can upgrade your equipment and gear today with some of the most innovative materials on the market. This simple step can make your next booth a true pleasure to host.

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