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10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need to Attend Trade Show Exhibits

Small businesses have challenges being heard by customers. Today’s business environment changes rapidly, and smaller businesses need to use greater creativity than ever to be heard. How can we achieve that result? The answer is trade shows. Trade shows give entrepreneurs like us the opportunity to prospect with like-minded individuals.

Reason #1: Connection to Customers

Trade shows encourage the exhibitors and delegates to establish relationships. This connects them through the business’s contact information, including:

  • Newsletters
  • Webinars
  • Blogs
  • Matchmaking
  • LinkedIn
  • Social Media

Also, you can meet other businesses in the industry and network with them. Networking gives you the chance to form powerful connections, and as they say, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”

Reason #2: Stimulate New Ideas

The business environment can prove cutthroat. Trade shows offer attendees the chance to gain knowledge of new products and support their business. Where can you access an endless level of knowledge at the show? You can learn from your competition, general experience at the show, and participation at the show. Trade shows educate you so that you can provide higher quality products for your customers.

Reason #3: Free Media Exposure

A majority of trade shows come with significant levels of media coverage. To receive free media coverage, speak with show management and their public relations team to seek opportunities to be featured at your booth. The results lead to free exposure on radio, trade magazines and television.

Reason #4: Reveal Your Expertise

When I attend a trade show, it gives me the chance to show customers my expertise in my industry. Likewise, you can establish yourself as an authority of the industry. These people want a business they can trust with knowledgeable experts.

Reason #5: Hype Generation

Before a trade show, I reach out via social media to speak about my company. I tweet what is offered at my booth, or post Facebook messages on my page for new services or products that will be promoted.

Reason #6: Speak to Those with Buying Power

A report from the Center for Exhibition Industry Research says that 81 percent of those who attend trade shows have the authority to buy. Statistically, that means four out of every five people at trade shows who visit the show have money for spending.

Reason #7: Good PR

Trade shows establish authority with the established customer base, and they prospect for potential customers. Also, it shows you have an innovative, strong and active business that can share your success with the customers. You are not sitting back and allowing your competition to bask in all the limelight.

Reason #8: Answers Available Everywhere

These events provide an excellent opportunity for immediate communication. You can get answers from vendors or retailers because trade shows give you access to outlets of exposure for vendors and retailers.

Reason #9: Understand the Competition’s Mindset

Being out of touch with what the competition is doing is not good policy. The key players usually have an understanding of their customer base, so you can figure out the products and technology they are using to successfully operate their business.

Reason #10: Product Demonstration

People visit trade shows because they want to find new products and services. If you can demonstrate an innovative and new product, you will have the edge over your competition. Product demonstration shows your customers how well your product works.

Skyline Exhibits and EXPO Magazine conducted a survey that found that 88 percent polled used these conferences as a method for product sourcing and the buying process. Also, it gives businesses the option to compare their products to the competition to determine how they rate on the scale.