Ten New Startups that Will Change the Trade Show Business

December 8, 2014 by admin

Ten New Startups that Will Change the Trade Show Business

The following startups are all visually stimulating, with great potential!


Mountary.com lets customers take their own photos and order custom frames online. 

Using Mountary.com, photographers snap their own special moments from weddings, showers and family gatherings and find frames for them. Create your own images from the online galleries. The frames arrive in attractive packaging, ready to hang, saving you stress, money, and time. The service is simple and affordable, and they offer price categories based on image size.


Pijon.com provides monthly care packages for college students. These are not your typical cardboard boxes filled with cookies and candy—these contain healthy snacks, beauty and household supplies, and fun gifts. 
Pijon has a mission to keep college students happy and healthy while keeping families connected. They carry out this mission by using brands college students love, the digital world, the local campus store and customization.


BRCK.com is a team of software developers, engineers and technologists from Africa who live in America. They are skilled in software and hardware. The BRCK was designed and its prototype built in Nairobi, Kenya. It’s a device that keeps everyone connected when electricity and internet connections are sketchy in urban and rural settings. The BRCK is strong and able to connect to multiple networks, serving as a hub for all local devices with enough backup power to survive a blackout.


Feast.com has a simple mission: to help everyday people become cooks. They believe we can learn without fancy recipes and spendy schools. We simply need to make cooking a regular part of our lives. 
Feast.com boot camp goes beyond teaching people to cook and helps them build cooking into a habit. Over 30 days, Feast teaches the psychology of habits, the fundamentals of cooking and the basics of nutrition. The promise is to learn to cook in 30 days for 49 dollars.


Pinshape.com has a mission to make a complex technology like 3D printing simple and accessible to everyone. Pinshape lets customers explore, buy and sell 3D designs from designers worldwide. They aim to build a 3D printing marketplace full of highly skilled designers and the highest quality, guaranteed-to-print designs, while making customizing and ordering 3D prints simple and fun. They strive to be a community full of thinkers, pushing themselves creatively and helping drive the 3D printing industry forward.


AppZen.com provides an innovative solution for travel and expense compliance and audits. AppZen.com’s technology provides real-time compliance for IRS rules and company policies, and audits, and assigns a risk score to every expense to detect fraud and misuse. AppZen is like having a virtual personal assistant for expense management with searchable expense reports. AppZen’s technology uses natural language processing, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to provide its solution. AppZen creates expense reports from various sources of data, including credit cards, receipts, calendars and travel itineraries.


Survmetrics.com created a web tool to help customers make engaging surveys that clients want to answer. The surveys are attractive and easy to answer from any device, increasing the response rate up to 34 percent when compared to other market leaders. The survey results may be obtained in real time and generate visual data. 

After testing and validating Survmetrics in LA, they are working to bring the product to the United States.

Smart Vision Labs

Smart Vision Labs developed a state-of-the-art scanning laser ophthalmoscope called the SVOne. Their mission is to make their technology accessible to one billion people worldwide who need eye care. The SVOne slides onto an iPhone and lets doctors measure refractive errors of the eye. This is less expensive and more portable than old-fashioned auto-refractors. Doctors who tested the SVOne, which has a 56-hour battery life, found it produced more accurate readings for children than the traditional machines. The device connects to the cloud, so a pediatrician can perform the test and have data sent directly to an optometrist for review.


Plated.com is a New York City-based company whose mission is to help Americans eat more healthfully. Every week, seven recipes are featured on the Plated menu, including four meat and fish options and three vegetarian dishes. You select the recipe you want to prepare and eat, and Plated delivers all of the pre-portioned meat, fish, spices, proteins, and produce—plus a chef-designed recipe card to you. Plated.com already delivers to 90 percent of the lower 48 states.


Oscar.com is an insurance company out of New York City. In the first several weeks of its launch, the company enrolled thousands of customers and earned tens of millions of dollars in annual revenue. With President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act taking hold, business people have an opportunity to offer other options. Oscar.com raised $70 million in two rounds of funding. This startup aims to combine technology, design and data to make healthcare less abstract and more personal to the everyday person.

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