Where Will Trade Shows Be 1 Year From Now?

October 23, 2014 by admin

Where Will Trade Shows Be 1 Year From Now?

Fear Not for the Future of Trade Shows

What does the near future hold for trade shows? While conflicting opinions exist regarding what lies ahead for trade shows, optimists have the right idea. Technology is changing the game for sure. Embracing advances in technology and how it relates to progressing trade show platforms is what is keeping innovative companies ahead of the game.

No, the Sky is not Falling

We have heard countless industry insiders sound off about how Internet access to reviews and new product press releases equates to the demise of the trade show. That is simply not the case. While reading reviews and product descriptions online gives buyers an idea of a product’s worth, it does not take the place of a personal introduction to the product. Even when evaluating service industries, putting a face to the resource lends to increased trust in the brand. If the information superhighway is an enemy to the trade show industry, we must embrace our adversary.

Cavorting with the Enemy

You love the Internet. I love the Internet. What has sparked our love affairs? We like feeling powerful, and knowledge is power. I like stats and facts being only as far away as my smartphone. What I like more is knowing something my neighbor John does not know or being privy to a deal he cannot obtain. Just as our childhood daydream was to have the shiniest bike, our adult aspiration is to have just a little bit more than our counterparts when it comes to information and technology.

Wise marketers take advantage of this fact by offering something extra to trade show attendees. And I don’t mean the traditional raffles that people easily glide by at booths. Give them something unique such as a first glance at new industry advances or financial incentives that are unavailable anywhere else. Once these benefits are outlined, it is time to hit social media like a bug to a windshield and promote the pants off the exclusivity being lavished on attendees. This creates hype. Hype creates conversions. Thank you, Internet.

Take it one step further and spread the word via social media, company blogs and newsletters about guest speakers and special events at the show. Why not? The more benefits touted pre-show, the more eager beavers will be donning walking shoes and toting notepads to get the insight their competitors are not being afforded.

Build it, and They Will Come

Set up and teardown of exhibits are not fun. I am not in the business of pretending otherwise. What I do know, however, is that with products designed for easy setup and teardown, the task is far less mundane and tedious. Lightweight plastic interlocking pieces that create engaging and aesthetically pleasing displays simplify the job of representing your brand with class.

With uncomplicated exhibitions showcasing your product while inviting potential leads to come take a look, you are ensured more conversions. After a weekend of nonstop schmoozing, nobody wants to dismantle heavy construction. Truth be told, after a long weekend, all we can think about is packing up, getting our weary feet elevated and catching our Sunday night guilty pleasure on television.
Rather than fearing the future of trade shows, we should collectively celebrate the evolution of these events that will continue to introduce products and services to target markets. Embracing the changes allows us to utilize the Internet rather than deeming it our Achilles’ heel.

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